Rally to Save AP’s North End Beach; RSVP directly to Jay Sugarman, iStar CEO

The City of Asbury Park wants to negotiate a deal to save its north end beach and create an oceanfront park. iStar isn’t budging. So we are going to hold a rally on their doorstep. 

The rally will begin on Saturday June 24th at the proposed development site 1701 Ocean Avenue at 11 am and then march to iStar’s office in Asbury Park at 1100 Ocean Avenue, arriving at 12 pm. 

Sign up for the rally here.

And we are sending RSVP cards to iStar’s CEO Jay Sugarman. We are not even sure CEO Sugarman fully understands this issue. So it’s our job to make sure he does. 

Join the rally and send iStar’s CEO a RSVP card!

Postcards can be signed and left for pick-up (we will handle postage after you have signed it) at the following locations in Asbury Park:

words! Bookstore (623 Cookman Avenue)

Asbury Roastery (803 Second Avenue)

Cafe Volan (501 Bangs Avenue)

Langosta Lounge (1000 Ocean Avenue)

Heavan Arts & Antiques (721 Cookman Avenue)

Bookersoo Coffee (1321A Memorial Drive)

Chocolate Sage (1006 Main Street)

Contact us with any questions or if you need a postcard – saveasburyparksnorthendbeach@gmail.com

iStar Refuses to Negotiate on Bradley Cove; Woerner & Grant Appeal to CEO Sugarman

The City of Asbury Park has been attempting to negotiate with iStar for the development rights for the Bradley Cove development on the City’s north end beach for more than two years. iStar has refused. They want 19 million dollars for the 1/2 acre tract. Three independent appraisals put the value at about 3.5 million.

Last week Joe Woerner and Joyce Grant sent a letter appealing directly to iStar’s CEO Jay Sugarman.  Read the letter here and stay tuned for updates and action alerts to come shorty.

An excerpt from “The Common Good and Public Lands” by Joyce Grant

“Asbury Park’s Mayor and Council have tried to govern with the common good in the forefront of their decision making. Many citizens are waiting for an oceanfront community park at the northeast end of Asbury Park, known as Bradley Cove. iStar was given the development rights by a previous council for that area. [Read more…]

19 Million Dollars for Bradley Cove

iStar appraises development rights on City’s north end beach 16 million dollars higher than the County and two independent appraisals.

iStar want 19 million for development rights on Asbury Park's north end beach.

iStar want 19 million for development rights on Asbury Park’s north end beach.

19 Million Dollars for ½ Acre?

In September of 2015 the City of Asbury Park received two independent Green Acres approved appraisals for the development rights for the Townhomes at Bradley Cove. These appraisals were a necessary step to access the 1.1 million dollar awarded to the City from the NJ DEP. iStar responded by going out for their own appraisal. Six month later, iStar, a company with its primary function to buy and sell real estate, is yet to produce their appraisal.

The 19 million dollar number came out at the February 24th Asbury Park City Council meeting when Deputy Mayor Amy Quinn asked when the City will be receiving the iStar appraisal. It seems iStar has the 19 million dollar appraisal but is making final edits to the document before it is sent to the City. [Read more…]

$1.35 Million to Save Asbury Park’s North End Beach


Asbury Park’s North End Beach

The Garden State Preservation Trust recommended $1.1 million dollars be awarded to Asbury Park in order to buy the Bradley Cove development rights back from iStar Financial. This award in addition to the $250,000 pledged as a match by the Monmouth County Freeholder means Asbury Park will have up to $1.35 million dollars to offer iStar.

“This is a important victory for the movement to save Asbury Park’s north end beach,” said Councilman Woerner. “It affirms what we have known all along — that this is a very special location on the Jersey Shore and must be preserved,” he said. “We will have $1.35 million to provide iStar with fair market compensation as they have always requested.”

“It’s been a long battle,” Deputy Mayor Amy Quinn said. “This is a win for the thousands of people who have been protesting the building of Bradley Cove.”

Although this is a major victory in our struggle to save Asbury Park’s north end beach, there is still a long road ahead.  The next step is the appraisal process. Once that is completed an official offer will be made to iStar, the Asbury Park Waterfront Master Redeveloper.  At that point it is hoped that iStar will keep to their pledge to sell the development rights at fair market value. Then the victory party ….

Until then, enjoy this victory, but stay tuned as their will be more work to be done.  We need to keep the politicians and developers on the right path.

Read more about the Green Acres award:

NJDEP Press Release

Asbury Park Sun Article


Asbury’s Green Acres Application Being Reviewed by the State!

It’s official, the State DEP is reviewing Asbury Park’s Green Acres application! And the Freeholders have pledged the matching funds if our application is accepted. Thank you Councilwoman Amy Quinn, Councilman John Moor for your leadership and Don Sammet, Tony Nuccio, and Joyce Grant for all your hard work on the application.

Green Acres App

North End Beach: The Good, the Bad, and the Upcoming

The Good: The Monmouth County Freeholders once again pledged their support for the City’s Green Acres application. During the July 10th meeting Freeholder Burry requested the County Planning Board and Parks Service draft letters of support on behalf of the Freeholders.  Listen to the July 10th Freeholder meeting here.

The Bad: The photo above is of a surfboard planted by iStar to represent their Bradley Cove Development on Green Acres public lands,  as well as a grassroots protest sign. According to iStar the surfboards are  ” a little something we can do for the community.” They planted this surfboard just days before they refused to support the City’s Green Acres application. iStar’s decision to erect a physical reminder of their intentions to develop this portion of our coast is a clear illustration that they do not respect our City, they dismiss the collective voice of our community, and they brush off the environmental ramifications of their plans. Tell iStar’s Brian Cheripka that you don’t want the “Townhomes at Bradley Cove” built.

The Upcoming: The Monmouth County Freeholders will make their support for the City’s Green Acres application official at the next Freeholder meeting on Thursday, July 24th at 7 PM at the Tinton Falls Municipal Building, 556 Tinton Avenue. We need a few people to show up to witness and thank the Freeholders. RSVP for the meeting here.

Thank You & Next Steps

Thank you to everyone who came out to the Freeholder meeting on June 26th.

Over 200 people showed up to ask the Freeholders to help save Asbury Park’s north end beach. AP City Hall was filled to capacity and over 50 were locked out of the meeting. We are little late getting this thank you out, but as a result we have some updates and action items.

1. Just last week Asbury Park held the public hearing for the Green Acres application they are submitting at the end of July. This current City Council has done everything in its power to move this project forward. This includes passing a unanimous resolution and officially requesting the County’s partnership on this issue. Despite the Freeholder’s rhetoric, the ball is in the County’s court.

2. The City received the elusive 3.5 million dollar pre-Sandy, non-certified, appraisal the day before the meeting. Interesting timing. The reason the the appraiser never certified it is because it is invalid and incomplete. Until an completed independent appraisal is conducted, it seems the value of the development rights is around 1 million dollars.

3. Let us be clear about what we are requesting from the County: a partnership on the Green Acres application that begins with a a 25% match of up to 250k.

Remember the county has collected over 7 million dollars over the last 10 years from Asbury, Loch Arbour, Interlaken, Deal, and Allenhurst for its County’s open space fund but those municipalities have zero acres of Mo. Co. open space, Mo. Co. parks, or Mo. Co. farmland.


1. Tell the Monmouth County Freeholder we want them to provide the $250,000 match for the City of Asbury Park’s Green Acres application due July 31st.  Email them all here

2.  Attend the Freeholder Meeting July 10, 7 PM at 1 East Main Street, Freehold, Hall of Records. It is a very small room so we will be only bringing a small group.  But it is essential we keep on top of them.  If you are interested in attending, please email Joe directly at joe.m.woerner@gmail.com

Stay tuned from more action alerts.

Rally Reminder & Correction of Freeholder Burry’s Recent Claims

Rally to Save Asbury’s North End Beach:

Quick reminder that the Rally to Save Asbury Park’s north end beach from development will be held Thursday (tomorrow), June 26th, 7 pm at Asbury Park City Council Chambers.

If you can not make the Freeholder meeting in Asbury Park this Thursday at 7 pm please submit your written comments to marion.masnick@co.monmouth.nj.us Include in the subject line “Written Comments for the Freeholder Meeting 6/26/14” and please cc: joe.m.woerner@gmail.com

Correction of Freeholder Burry’s Email:

Footprint of the Bradley Cove Townhomes seen from Asbury Tower
Freeholder Burry responded with a form email to all who submitted comments in support of the County’s involvement in purchasing the development rights for the Townhomes at Bradley Cove. She claims in the email that there is “a lot of misinformation out there.”

Honest communication is essential in any partnership.  In that spirit we would like to clarify each of the “facts” Freeholder Burry states.

1. She states “the area involved in the development debate with iStar consists of approximately ½ acre of land, currently being used as a public street, owned by iStar”

The land is not owned by iStar, but they do own the development rights to build 15 townhomes on the site. The half acres she mentions runs from south of the Asbury Tower to north of the triangle property. This long narrow strip slices through the area, is flooded by lake and ocean waters, encroaches on public lands used for recreation, walls off the beach and ocean, and is inconsistent with Bradley’s vision for Asbury Park.

As far as misinformation with regard to this point, at our first rally we outlined the footprint of the Bradley Cove Development with supporters and took a picture from Asbury Tower. We personally brought that enlarged picture to many Recreation Commission meetings, of which Burry is the chair. We also use it as the background of our Save the North Beach of Asbruy Park Facebook page and publicized it widely. The photo is attached above.

2. Her second facts is that “…Monmouth County, the Parks & Recreation Commission was the agency that retained an appraiser who drew the conclusion that there are too many variables affecting the property that influence its value, to finalize the appraisal and certify the value.”

This point was discussed at both the Freeholder and Recreation Commissioner level. The solution, a two-tiered appraisal, is used fairly often in land acquisition deals. The first tier assumes the developer receives no special approvals, setting the price floor. The second tier assumes all special approvals are obtained, setting the price ceiling.

3. Her third fact states, “the appraiser has put the value of over $3 million on this ½ acre, without improvements.”

Considering the appraisal was of the development rights to build 15 townhomes, and the City of Asbury Park still holds the title to this land, it is impossible that the tract could be appraised “without improvements.” Furthermore, the appraisal was done prior to Superstorm Sandy that inflicted millions of dollars in damage to the wastewater treatment plant, flooded and triggered an electrical fire in the Asbury Tower, filled Deal Lake with sand, and devastated many homes in Loch Arbour.

Freeholder Burry closes with the argument that “this property can be protected through negotiations between the City and iStar as part of a revision to the City’s redevelopment plan.”

In that she is correct, but realistically a city on State Transitional and School Development Authority aid cannot go it alone on this project anymore than the County should. This is particularly the case when the taxpayers of Deal, Allenhurst, Interlaken, Loch Arbour, Asbury Park and Ocean Township contribute over $1.5 million to the County Open Space fund each and every year; money specifically intended for projects like this one.

We are still hopeful that the County Freeholders are open to a partnership that will preserve this land as a regional recreation hub and storm buffer.


Joe Woerner
Campaign Coordinator, Save Asbury Park’s North End Beach

Come out to the Freeholder Meeting in Asbury Park on June 26th!

Asbury Park’s North End Beach needs your help!

On Thursday, June 26th at 7 PM in the Asbury Park City Council Chambers the Monmouth County Freeholders will be holding their public session. We need their help to save Asbury Park’s north end beach from development.

It is imperative that we come out in force to convince the Freeholders to take up our cause. Mark your calendar and be there Thursday, June 26th at 7 pm at the Asbury Park City Council Chambers.

RSVP on Facebook here.

Background Information:
An important day in the struggle to preserve Asbury Park’s north end beach is just around the corner. This land is one of the last coastal open spaces in Monmouth County. It must be preserved. The Monmouth County Freeholders are in a unique position to do just that. They are coming to town on June 26th!

Since 2007 the proposed “Townhomes at Bradley Cove” have been opposed by thousands of people because they sit in an area flooded by lake and ocean waters, encroach on public lands used for recreation, wall off the beach and ocean, and are inconsistent with Bradley’s vision for Asbury Park.

Thanks to the leadership of Councilmembers Quinn and Moor, the City is finally submitting an application to obtain State Green Acres funds. These funds can be used by the City to purchase the development rights for this land from iStar.

The City needs help. The Green Acres grant requires a 25% match. If the City gets a million dollars from the State, the County could provide the $250,000 dollar match. They could also finish the appraisal that Freeholder Burry promised before her last election bid in 2011, which is still incomplete 3 years later.

It is imperative that we come out in force on Thursday, June 26th at 7 pm at the Asbury Park City Council Chambers. Let’s convince the Freeholders that Asbury Park’s north end beach is worth saving!

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