Monmouth County Parks Come to Asbury Park


A stretch of open space on Asbury Park’s north end beach that is slated to be developed into high end townhomes under the City’s current plan.

Monmouth County Parks director Jim Truncer and a team from the county will be meeting with Asbury Park Mayor Myra Campbell and Councilwoman Amy Quinn in the upcoming week. The meeting was unanimously requested by the Asbury Park City Council.

The City’s Waterfront Area Advisory Committee that included council members John Lofredo and Sue Henderson, as well as Brian Cheripka (VP of Land for iStar Financial/Asbury Partners), recommended the Bradley Cove development be removed from the Waterfront Redevelopment Area. New council members Myra Campbell, John Moor, and Amy Quinn have been steadfast supporters of preventing this unsustainable development.  Hopefully this meeting is the beginning of a cooperative effort between the the City of Asbury Park, Monmouth County Parks, and iStar to make this recommendation a reality.

Check back next week for a post meeting update and steps you can take to help save Asbury’s north end beach!

See the Asbury Park Sun article about the meeting here.



  1. thomas matulonis says


    Anything that can stop the the Bradley Cove development would be a welcome out come. Do we not have enough development all along the Jersey Shore? Keeping some of the beach front open for all would be a really good thing..


    Thomas Matulonis

    • Arlene Oswald, O.P. says

      I agree with Thomas Matulonis that there is enough development all along the Jersey Shore. The public needs space to enjoy and appreciate the natural beauty of the land that buildings do not afford. The beach and seashore area does not really lend itself to buildings. The natural occasions of unpredictable storms (like Sandy) are a cause for concerns to having development too close to the oceanfront. Besides limiting who would be able to enjoy the open space, closing off the beach for the sake of development (with no meaningful purpose) not only, seems a little selfish but lacking in foresight. “Money is the issue but money is not the issue.” How can we best respect and honor the environment which is the most important issue of humankind today. Saving the beach and ocean front seems to serve the many and the common good more than development. We need to reflect more seriously on our decisions and the purpose of our actions and the consequences of what we choose to do.

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