North End Beach: The Good, the Bad, and the Upcoming

The Good: The Monmouth County Freeholders once again pledged their support for the City’s Green Acres application. During the July 10th meeting Freeholder Burry requested the County Planning Board and Parks Service draft letters of support on behalf of the Freeholders.  Listen to the July 10th Freeholder meeting here.

The Bad: The photo above is of a surfboard planted by iStar to represent their Bradley Cove Development on Green Acres public lands,  as well as a grassroots protest sign. According to iStar the surfboards are  ” a little something we can do for the community.” They planted this surfboard just days before they refused to support the City’s Green Acres application. iStar’s decision to erect a physical reminder of their intentions to develop this portion of our coast is a clear illustration that they do not respect our City, they dismiss the collective voice of our community, and they brush off the environmental ramifications of their plans. Tell iStar’s Brian Cheripka that you don’t want the “Townhomes at Bradley Cove” built.

The Upcoming: The Monmouth County Freeholders will make their support for the City’s Green Acres application official at the next Freeholder meeting on Thursday, July 24th at 7 PM at the Tinton Falls Municipal Building, 556 Tinton Avenue. We need a few people to show up to witness and thank the Freeholders. RSVP for the meeting here.


  1. Jennifer Lewinski says

    Mr Criripka,
    The townhomes at Bradley cove are overkill. We need a well rounded city. Overdev So many reasons NOT to build….not the least of them being that the community is pleading you don’t.

  2. Patrick J Tarantino says

    The fact that they bought this property at bargain basement prices and that they scaled down their commitment to a hand full of sites is a disgrace! Then they want to triple the price for us to buy borders on criminal. It should not surprise anyone that they don’t care about the community and are only concerned with the bottom line. They are a business but they need the community to prosper! Their threats to close the Concention Center has cost the city countless thousands of dollars in lost revenue because of the events that moved elsewhere. Shame on them!

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