Bradley Cove Townhouse Development: Project Overview & Concerns

Project Overview:

Birds Eye View

On September 10, 2008 Asbury Partners provided plans to the Asbury Park City Council to build 15 private homes on the north end of Asbury Park. They are to be built on Ocean Avenue in front of Asbury Towers, a 26-story, 400 unit, senior citizens affordable housing complex.

Green Acres & Costal Zone Management/CAFRA Concerns:

➞ Private Use of Green Acres Land: The proposed development encroaches into Green Acres/Public land.

➞ Decreased Access to Existing Green Acres: Due to the proposed meandering public boardwalk and landscaping plan, access to Green Acres/Public land will be decreased.

➞ Coastal High Hazard Areas: The proposed development encroaches into the Coastal High Hazard/V-Zone.

➞ Endangered or Threatened Wildlife: According to the DEP’s Landscape Map, Version 2.1, the area in question includes and abuts rank 4 beach and emergent wetland habitat for State Endangered Least Tern.

➞ Dunes & Vegetation: The proposed development calls for the destruction of primary dunes and would not preserve the existing dune vegetation.

➞ Scenic Resources & Design: The proposed development does not provide adequate open view corridors and is not setback from the beach the appropriate distance.